Providing the best legal service

We offer many merits for our clients, "Highest Cost-Performance", "Fastest Speed", and "Best Quality".

Highest Cost-Performance

Merit 1Highest Cost-Performance

We play the role of patent firm and law firm single-handed. And we have done thoroughly in the efficiency improvement of work.

Fastest Speed

Merit 2Fastest Speed

Under the Japanese legal system where "first-to-file" is the principle, we strongly believe that it is very important to complete the application as soon as possible. We promptly correspond to an urgent customer’s request. When in dispute, the attorney-at-law with scientific background and/or the patent attorney that take part from the application will take charge consistently. We believe that you can actually feel our speed.

Best Quality

Merit 3Best Quality

Our basic philosophy is to contribute to corporate activities from the side of the intellectual property right. We always make best effort to provide the service of the best quality.